Atlas Produce Introduces a 100 Percent Recyclable Medjool Date Bag

Atlas Produce Introduces a 100 Percent Recyclable Medjool Date Bag

BAKERSFIELD, CA - The silver linings continue to shine through this year’s tumult, an observation especially true for Atlas Produce. 2020 has been a time of innovation for the company, the latest being its introduction of a 100 percent recyclable one-pound Medjool Date bag.

Robert Dobrzanski, Founder, Atlas Produce“Always striving toward being more sustainable is always a goal of ours, and this latest release achieves another step in that direction,” Robert Dobrzanski, Founder, tells me, as we dive into the new addition. “Not only is it completely recyclable, it also uses 70 percent less plastic.”

The new design is a step that blends Atlas’ grape knowledge with its date packaging, a grab-n-go Medjool date bag.

Atlas Produce is introducing a 100 percent recyclable one-pound Medjool Date bag

“We wanted to design our bag to reflect similar bag options in the produce aisle, taking the expertise from our grape side and applying that to our date program was the perfect solution,” he continues. “Additionally, all our products’ materials are from and made in California, meaning there will be no import-related delays with the added value of being 100 percent local to the U.S. for conscious consumers.”

Resealable with an on-the-go handle, the bag also brings aesthetic appeal to its utility, delivering maximum information without appearing too busy or mitigating Atlas’ history of showcasing the product.

“There are a lot of callouts on the bag while still having a window for the Medjools because consumers like to see what they are buying. We wanted to try something new to educate the consumer on the product as well as it's nutritional facts, and there is a lot more room to execute that attractively on the bag,” Robert explains. “Retailers will also like the information on the bag that is designed to attract first-time date buyers with information on how to eat and prepare dates, as well as how nutrient dense dates are.”

By combining Atlas Produce’ grape knowledge with its date packaging, a grab-n-go Medjool date bag was born that is completely recyclable and uses 70 percent less plastic

But fear not, this new pack style is not a deviation from the tubs the company is known for. Far from it.

“We will continue to use the tubs as a lot of our customers like them. Instead of a replacement, this is another marketing opportunity to sell more Medjool dates in conjunction with our tubs,” Robert says. And there is more to be expected for sustainable packaging options, he teases, promising additional announcements soon.

The new 100 percent recyclable one-pound Medjool Date bags are currently available and receiving positive reviews from participating retailers, leading me to believe there will be much more to report on the marketing opportunities from Fresh Energy™ and the potential it poses soon.

As this and other innovations look to find a happy balance between all the goals of our industry, AndNowUKnow will report the latest.

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