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Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo Discusses Bell Pepper Market

Baloian Farms' Jay Angulo Discusses Bell Pepper Market

FRESNO, CA - Bell peppers continue to be a staple in my household. For most shoppers like myself, adding bells to the cart is a foregone conclusion. Knowing this, I donned both my trade news writer and consumer caps and looked to see where the current bell pepper market stands. Helping me fill in the gaps was Baloian Farms’ Jay Angulo, Sales.

Jay Angulo, Sales, Baloian Farms“We have steady volume coming from the central coast of California. The temperate climate of the area helps our growers produce some of the best peppers in the program, with excellent quality, good color, and thick walls,” Jay noted. “I would call the market steady. Pricing has been holding the past seven to 10 days, and we do have promotional volume available.”

Jay commented that this time of year typically sees a lower market, as companies are challenged by getting better distribution to other parts of the country that are typically supplied by regional deals.

Baloian Farms is seeing an excellent yield on its bell peppers, presenting buyers with a chance to gear up for those end-of-summer promotions

“We have worked hard to diversify our product offerings, essentially making us a one-stop shop,” Jay added. “You can load bell peppers, colored peppers, chili peppers, hard squash, soft squash, and eggplant, as well as our extensive line of bagged produce that we are packing every day. We also have a good, loyal customer base that keeps coming back for our beautiful peppers. What better time than summer to buy Baloian Farms bell peppers and grill them for your BBQ?”

What better time indeed, as Jay asserted that retailers should buy with confidence. Baloian Farms is seeing an excellent yield on its bell peppers, and buyers should gear up for those end-of-summer promotions.

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