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Bee Sweet Citrus Provides Premium Summer Citrus

Bee Sweet Citrus Provides Premium Summer Citrus

FOWLER, CA - Consumers' needs for immediate delivery and availability has increased, leading retailers and companies to provide instant service or an endless supply on just about everything from electronics to produce. Bee Sweet, however, guarantees citrus year-round with a steady supply of Star Ruby grapefruit, Blood oranges, Chilean Navels, and mandarins. Bee Sweet's strong inventory of citrus can meet its customer’s steady demand for fresh, summer varieties.

Jason Sadoian, Sales Representative, Bee Sweet Citrus"As Chilean citrus continues to roll-in, our partners can be sure that we have the mandarins, lemons, and oranges to meet their consumer’s needs," stated Sales Representative Jason Sadoian. "Citrus has become a household staple for many families, so year-round availability is imperative to meeting the industry’s demand for product."

Bee Sweet’s press release states all of its off-shore products are re-graded to meet the company's standard in quality and safety, available in vibrant packaging that matches the juicy and unique flavor of the fruit inside. In addition, it can also be re-packed to fit the needs of Bee Sweet's consumers.

"If customers are in need of seasonal favorites, we'll also have Star Ruby grapefruit and blood oranges available over the next month," added Sadoian. "These specialty varieties are flavorful, healthy, and are an incredible addition to any meal."

Bee Sweet Citrus has taken steps to ensure that it provides the freshest quality citrus year-round

Both Star Ruby grapefruit and Blood oranges possess flavor that stands out from other citrus counterparts and the powerful antioxidants give these citrus beauties the wonderful color.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus"Star Rubies are vibrant, fiber-rich, and are the perfect blend of sweet, tart flavor," stated Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. "Their color comes from lycopene, an all-natural pigment that acts as an antioxidant. You can eat them whole or utilize them as a flavorful ingredient to cocktails, tarts, and other savory dishes."

Anthocyanins, an all-natural pigment, are responsible for giving blood oranges their dark, attractive color and act as powerful antioxidants once consumed. They’re especially helpful for consumers looking for ways to improve heart and skin health.

"Regardless of what variety they need, consumers can rely on Bee Sweet for fresh, wholesome citrus," continued Bienvenue. "With a growing emphasis on eating fresh produce, we're proud to offer citrus to our consumers all year long."

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