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Bee Sweet Citrus Rolls Out Several Seasonal Varieties

Bee Sweet Citrus Rolls Out Several Seasonal Varieties

FOWLER, CA - With the new year bringing new recipes, shoppers are looking for fresh, new ingredients to fill their carts. While citrus is a staple to many consumers, Bee Sweet Citrus' lesser-known specialty citrus items can be a great way to hold their attention and dollars this season.

Joe Berberian, Sales Representative, Bee Sweet Citrus“This season, consumers can expect to see several different varieties available at their local retailer. Right now, we have home staples such as mandarins, oranges, and lemons, as well as various specialty citrus varieties available for our consumers,” said Sales Representative Joe Berberian.

Since the beginning of the season, the grower has added oranges, lemons, California Mandarins, Pummelos, grapefruit, Cara cara Navels, and blood oranges to its line, anticipating Minneola tangelos to join the list in January, according to a press release. Available for a limited time only, the specialty citrus varieties are known for their ability to boost immune systems and very distinct characteristics, like the visually pleasing interior of Blood oranges and Cara cara Navels. These specialty varieties become center focus in the winter.

Keith Watkins, Vice President of Farming, Bee Sweet Citrus“California’s Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing citrus,” said Vice President of Farming Keith Watkins. “Because citrus is sensitive toward both cold and very hot temperatures, our moderate weather allows us to harvest citrus year-round, and focus on specialty varieties during the winter months.”

Bee Sweet Citrus is currently in its domestic growing season, making it easy to familiarize shoppers with the exciting seasonal varieties.

Looking to turn citrus into a winter staple, Bee Sweet Citrus has started rolling out specialty varieties

“The domestic season is a great time to introduce specialty varieties to consumers who might not be familiar with them,” Berberian explained. “With healthy foods at the top of mind for many families, we are happy to offer our consumers an assortment of immunity-boosting varieties.”

With seasonal varieties ready to hit produce displays at retailers everywhere, shoppers will be swapping out their traditional winter ingredients for some sweet specialty citrus.

Keep an eye out for AndNowUKnow as we report on all the newest varieties set to hit the shelves this season.

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