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Bobalu Provides Strawberry Update for Week of April 14

Bobalu Provides Strawberry Update for Week of April 14

SANTA MARIA, CA - Bobalu is back at it again with the weekly crop update. The grower recently brought us insights straight from the fields of its California growing regions, reporting a positive outlook as the weather warms up.

We are so happy to report that Oxnard is finally hitting its stride with strong volume and excellent quality,” the grower said in its recent update. “We are looking at promotable volume and expect to be hitting some peak numbers by month end. Our peak volume will be sustained into the Mother’s Day pull and beyond.”

Bobalu is reporting a positive outlook for its strawberry crops as the weather warms up in its California growing regions

Sustained cool weather during the day in Oxnard and warmer nighttime temperatures have led Bobalu to bump up its harvesting schedule to five days a week.

In Coachella, Bobalu is also seeing ideal weather conditions for this time of year.

“As the weather does warm up here more than Oxnard, we have shifted to harvesting to early mornings every day to capture the best quality and flavor. We will keep harvesting in this region as long as the weather continues to cooperate,” the company added.

Across all three of its California growing regions, Bobalu is reporting ideal temperatures and good-quality berries as a result

While Bobalu has had a bit of a slower start in the Santa Maria region, the grower expects to see more volume coming from the region in the weeks to come.

“The 10-day forecast here looks very similar to Oxnard with hopefully some warmer temperatures hitting next week to jumpstart these plants that are so ready to produce,” the update continued. “The fruit we are harvesting now is still minimal but looks and tastes great.”

That’s all, folks! For more crop updates like this, keep clicking back to ANUK.


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