Bobalu Releases Winter Weekly Crop Update

Bobalu Releases Winter Weekly Crop Update

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CALIFORNIA - Strawberries are heavy on our minds here at the ANUK headquarters because Bobalu has just taken us behind the scenes with yet another insightful crop update. Why waste any time? Let’s talk strawberries!

“Welcome to December! Things have definitely been interesting with our 2023 strawberry season,” the company began in its December 1 weekly crop report. “Even with the long and challenging year, we are still harvesting fall crop fruit here in Southern California. Cooler weather has slowed things down, but the fruit still looks and tastes great.”

Reporting good quality, Bobalu expects to keep harvesting its 2023 fall fruit until its 2024 spring crop begins in Oxnard, California

Bobalu reports that the weather has been hovering in the low 60s during the day, with nighttime temperatures hitting the 40s.

“We do expect to keep harvesting our 2023 fall fruit until our 2024 spring crop begins here in Oxnard,” the release continued. “Again, depending on the weather, we should be packing a few berries from our new crop before Christmas. The fields look great and the plants are very healthy.”

While cooler weather has slowed things down, the fruit still looks and tastes great

The strawberry provider has also expressed excitement surrounding some of the test varieties that are currently looking very promising in Oxnard, California, for the spring and fall 2024 crop. Interest piqued? There will be more updates on that to come.

As always, leave a tab open to ANUK for the latest in fresh produce.


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