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Brighter Bites' Rich Dachman and River Fresh Farms' Vince Ballesteros Discuss New Partnership

Brighter Bites' Rich Dachman and River Fresh Farms' Vince Ballesteros Discuss New Partnership

SALINAS, CA - As it looks to boost its operations in the region and provide more families with high-quality fresh produce, Brighter Bites has tapped a vital new supplier partner, announcing it has formed a strategic alliance with River Fresh Farms in Salinas, California.

Rich Dachman, Chief Executive Officer, Brighter Bites“We are truly inspired by the dedication River Fresh Farms has brought to our Salinas location,” said Rich Dachman, Chief Executive Officer of Brighter Bites. “As a company, they have gone above and beyond to not only assist with logistics, but also help pack boxes on the weekends to support the families in this community. River Fresh truly cares and has dedicated resources to make it work. It is partners like this that allow us to make a difference in the communities we serve.”

As a result of this partnership, River Fresh Farms provides supply chain management and logistic support, including storing, loading, packing, and delivering produce boxes for the Brighter Bites program, a press release explained. Through the partnership with River Fresh Farms, 1,200 Brighter Bites families have been served, with an additional 800 expected throughout this year.

Vince Ballesteros, Chief Executive Officer, River Fresh Farms"Partnering with Brighter Bites is our way of giving back to our community,” said Vince Ballesteros, Chief Executive Officer of River Fresh Farms. “When Rich approached us about launching the Brighter Bites program in the Salinas Valley, we knew we had to be involved in some way."

The location of the program is what truly sets this partnership apart, as it has close proximity to the vast number of fresh farms located in Salinas. River Fresh Farms is headquartered in the heart of the Salinas Valley, and offers a large variety of premium quality value-added salads and specialty produce all year long. Optimizing its list of local distributors, the grower provides fresh produce donations to ensure the needs of each Brighter Bites produce box is fulfilled.

Brighter Bites has tapped River Fresh Farms as its latest partner in the Salinas, California, region to provide more families with high quality fresh produce

How will this newfound partnership be a catalyst for Brighter Bites’ inevitable growth? Keep reading ANUK to find out.

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