Calavo Growers' Cassidy Davis Shares Excitement for Upcoming Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference

Calavo Growers' Cassidy Davis Shares Excitement for Upcoming Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference

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SANTA PAULA, CA - I think we can all appreciate the value of collaboration among our peers. It’s a testimony to this industry that we seek out meaningful interactions, and we see this clearly in the upcoming Women’s Fresh Perspectives Conference. As women across the industry prepare for the event, I caught up with Calavo’s Cassidy Davis to learn more about her take on growth, the future, and more.

Cassidy Davis, Assistant Account Manager, Calavo Growers“I’ve been in the industry for a little over three years now, and this will be my first in-person Women’s Fresh Perspective,” the Assistant Account Manager told me. “In my experience so far, these events give me the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and make connections I can’t necessarily get through my computer screen or on a phone call. I always walk away feeling inspired by the women I meet and excited for my future in produce.”

This future, according to Cassidy, is looking bright—and I for one can’t help but agree!

“Without diverse voices, we would never hear different perspectives, and without hearing different perspectives and opinions, we would never grow, move forward, or change. I think change is not only necessary but incredibly exciting, and I can’t wait to see and be a part of the changes happening throughout the industry,” she imparted.

Women across the industry are gearing up for this year's Women's Fresh Perspectives Conference, including Calavo Growers' Assistant Account Manager Cassidy Davis

Throughout her own career, Cassidy has been fortunate to be mentored by a variety of stand-out women, all of whom have helped her get to her current position.

“I feel very lucky to be surrounded by smart, talented, and supportive women at Calavo everyday. I am continuously inspired by my female coworkers, and they’ve all played a part in mentoring me throughout my three years at Calavo. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Sandy Eason, our Director of Organic and Fairtrade, showing me the ins and outs of the industry and believing I would be a great addition to the organic department,” Cassidy shared. “I am also so appreciative of my coworkers LeighAnne Thomsen [Account Manager], Desiree Rios [Sales Admin], and Melissa Brucker [Account Manager, Foodservice], for their support and advice since I started at Calavo.”

When I asked Cassidy what advice she would impart to those looking to get into fresh produce, she did not disappoint.

“I would give similar advice to what I’ve been given,” she noted. “Be genuine, ask a ton of questions, work hard, and never underestimate yourself.”

Wise words, indeed!

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