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California Avocado Commission Hires Mullen Lowe to Target Millennial Consumers

California Avocado Commission Hires Mullen Lowe to Target Millennial Consumers

LOS ANGELES, CA - The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has hired advertising agency Mullen Lowe to help the company reach millennial audiences starting early next year.

Margaret Keene, Executive Creative Director, Mullen Lowe Los AngelesMargaret Keene, Executive Creative Director for Mullen Lowe’s Los Angeles office, told news source Ad Week that CAC has an "integrated multi-platform approach," including digital and paid social, in the works. Reportedly, the commission wants to reach "younger consumers—some who currently are interested in a food's origin, some who might need more reasons to pay attention," she said.

Ad Work Done by Mullen Lowe for Google's Mobilization Program

Mullen Lowe, in a partnership with its sister company MediaHub, will take over creative and media duties, respectively, from Los Angeles agency Amusement Park. Amusement Park is the agency who initially employed the tagline "Hand Grown in California." According to Keene, future work will also use that concept as a jumping-off point for appeals that, "build emotional connections both to California Avocados as well as our home state.” 

A CAC Shopping Cart Ad Created by Amusement Park

According to Ad Week, media spending for the Commission has not surpassed $4.5 million in the past several years, but with the category being so popular, it just may rise. Hass Avocados alone saw sales rise to a record 1.9 billion pounds, which the publication says is twice the amount consumed a decade ago.

This isn’t the first time an avocado-based organization has dropped big dollars for flashy advertising either. This year’s Super Bowl showcased a commercial paid for by Avocados From Mexico that featured ex-NFL stars Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie and captured more than 1 billion media impressions, Ad Week says.

Ad Work for Acura Done by Mullen Lowe

Other past or present clients of Mullen Lowe have included Google, Acura, Adidas, Jet Blue, and National Geographic. To find out more about the agency, you can visit the company’s surprisingly entertaining website here.

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