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California Avocado Commission Unveils Consumer-Focused Advertising Campaign, Continues

California Avocado Commission Unveils Consumer-Focused Advertising Campaign, Continues "Made in California"

IRVINE, CA - With this year’s avocado season already underway, the folks at the California Avocado Commission (CAC) have been hard-at-work preparing an innovative advertisement and media campaign to support the harvest and sale of close-to-home California avocados. The commission’s thoughtful labor has resulted in the continuation of the “Made in California” marketing campaign with both print and outdoor ads that apply a fresh new look to market-specific illustrations and showcase how close California avocados are grown to consumers in the area. Outside of California, the ads will promote “A Taste of California” and will feature “Iconic California” recipes to emphasize how closely-tied the California avocado is to the Golden State.

Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission“CAC’s advertising is focused to reach avocado consumers and customized for retailers who merchandise California avocados,” said Jan DeLyser, Vice President Marketing. “The messaging is designed to increase the value and preference for, and loyalty to California avocados in season."

The commission plans to target its marketing campaign toward regions that are key markets in distribution and use, and to blend a plethora of media campaigns, including print, outdoor, in-store, digital, audio, online, and social media. In addition to these efforts, the campaign will remain flexible and eager to customize advertisement to support participating retailers. Taking full advantage of the power of social media, outdoor “wild posting” are ideally situated to engage consumers in taking and sharing selfies featuring the graphics.

“This year’s campaign has multiple firsts: the first retail produce activation with Tasty branding on California avocado display bins, a custom California mixtape on Pandora, and branded playlist on Spotify as well as sponsorship of premium events such as Disney California Adventure’s Food and Wine Festival,” said DeLyser.

On top of these multi-faceted promotional efforts, the commission will also promote California Avocado Month in June and will capitalize on American summer holidays, CAC announced in a press release. To accomplish these goals, CAC has teamed up with a wide range of chefs, bloggers, and dietitians, encouraging consumers to take full advantage of local fresh fruits and veggies, like California avocados.

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