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California Avocado Commission’s Jan DeLyser Details Insights and Marketing Strategies Ahead of Super Bowl Weekend

California Avocado Commission’s Jan DeLyser Details Insights and Marketing Strategies Ahead of Super Bowl Weekend

IRVINE, CA - When a consumer thinks of California, they think of cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, sunshine, and avocados. A fruit as renowned as the state itself, this creamy jewel is prevalent in several forms of appreciation. So, when the biggest game of the year hits retail aisles and shoppers’ carts, avocados are bound to be there in one form or another. Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing for the California Avocado Commission (CAC), clues me into how marketing and promotions can score a touchdown come Super Bowl weekend.

Jan DeLyser, Vice President of Marketing, California Avocado Commission“For decades now, avocados have been linked with Big Game tailgates and at-home parties. The avocado volume that moves during this time is so big that it is one of the top consumption events of the year, along with Cinco de Mayo and the Fourth of July,” Jan tells me. “Generally, it also is the kick-off, so to speak, of building consumer demand leading into spring and summer.”

As the Super Bowl brings strong marketing conditions for the avocado industry, CAC forecasts some harvesting to be finished in time for the Big Game, but the reach is expected to be limited. However, California avocado harvesting is anticipated to ramp up in earnest come March, and the peak season is projected to be from April through August.

In the lead up to Super Bowl weekend, the California Avocado Commission urges retailers to get California avocados on display early to capture the most shopper dollars

“We recommend building Super Bowl-themed avocado displays early to capture the excitement for the games that lead up to the big one on February 13,” advises Jan. “This year, we have the overlapping Winter Olympic Games (February 4–20), so there’s an opportunity to do an overarching sports entertainment theme in-store and encourage family viewing parties with lots of produce.”

With my friends and family expressing their excitement for the upcoming games, I can attest that many viewing parties will include fresh and crunchy snacks with avocados taking the spotlight. And as both younger and older generations have taken to capturing their moments with food involved, presentations are continuing to trend with freshness in mind.

“The California Avocado Commission will be active on social media in the lead-up to the Super Bowl,” Jan clues me in. “We’re seeing consumers taking the time to be artful as well as tasteful in their food preparation, whether for personal views or for sharing online. So, veggie platters with a variety of California avocado dips work well with this trend and fall in line with consumers’ demand for healthy Super Bowl viewing.”

To keep California avocado fans excited and engaged, the commission has launched new merch, including its new Avo Head Hat

Whether for the Super Bowl or for everyday sales, CAC is always on hand to bring the marketing support programs retailers need—and 2022 won’t be any different.

“Here at the Commission, we are always looking to elevate avocados and the eating experience, and we’re excited to share the creativity involved. We’re keeping California avocado fans engaged with our new merchandise offerings and with ongoing social support,” explains Jan. “With the Super Bowl in Los Angeles this year, we will be promoting our new Avo Head Hat that is perfect for showing some California avocado spirit!”

I already know a few people in my life that would wear this in a heartbeat, and I’m sure you know shoppers that would too. If not, a few avos in the basket would still do the trick.

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