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California Frost Yields Rare Frost Kissed™ Artichokes at Ocean Mist Farms

California Frost Yields Rare Frost Kissed™ Artichokes at Ocean Mist Farms

CASTROVILLE, CA - Widespread frosts in California have provided an unexpected gift to Ocean Mist Farms this season: Frost Kissed™ artichokes. Available now for a limited time, Frost Kissed™ artichokes are only possible when temperatures drop below 32 degrees, making them a rare item on the produce aisle.

Joe Feldman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ocean Mist

“The impact of frost on artichokes is similar to how human skin reacts to sunburn,” said Joe Feldman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Frost turns the outside layer of the artichoke dark brown, and then it flakes and peels.”

When cooked, this outer layer fades, leaving the familiar soft green artichoke shoppers love, according to a press release.

“Frosting is strictly a cosmetic condition,” Feldman said. “While the brownish color may not look pretty, Frost Kissed™ artichokes actually taste wonderful. The cold weather concentrates the natural artichoke flavors into a more intense, nutty flavor.”

In order to combat any confusion that might arise from the difference in outer color, Ocean Mist Farms is launching an education campaign to teach consumers about Frost Kissed™ artichokes. This campaign will include:

  • Website information
  • Pictures and recipes sent to all members of the Artichoke club
  • Display cards sent to retail customers who will be stocking Frost Kissed™ artichokes

“A Frost Kissed™ artichoke is a very unique item that we don’t have every season,” Feldman said. “Because they are so seasonal, we have to teach shoppers to look for them and be sure to buy them during the short time they are in the stores.”

Keep an eye out for these rare artichokes!

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