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California's High Grape Prices with Transition to Arvin... What's Next?

California's High Grape Prices with Transition to Arvin... What's Next?

CALIFORNIA - With 4th of July festivities approaching, grapes have been in high demand as growers are making the transition from Coachella/Mexico to the San Joaquin Valley.

There is currently a high demand for reds that has kept prices around $20 - $22, and greens around $22 - $24. With prices at such high levels, we’ll still have to wait and see if the transition will have any effect on pricing.

Rob Spinelli of Anthony Vineyards tells AndNowUKnow that they finished harvest in Coachella around the 25th and started Arvin harvest in time for the 4th of July pull.  “Mexico and Coachella finished early so everyone made the switch to Arvin,” Spinelli said.  He expects to see steady demand even after the holiday.

Jim Llano of Castle Rock Vineyards tells us that they are currently finishing their last variety in Coachella, but have already started at Arvin to stay ahead of the high demand for Flames, Summer Royals and Sugar Ones.

Randy Giumarra from Giumarra Vineyards is optimistic that demand will remain strong and sees pricing staying in the $18 range through the entire month of July. “With fewer Sugraones in the market than past years and good demand for Flames we’re looking for the market to settle in that range. Going forward, with all of the new varieties of table grapes filling shorter windows than with the older conventional varieties, we hope to see consistent demand right through fall and into the winter months.”

With the transition fully underway, growers are already looking at what will come next.  

Llano says that Castle Rock is looking forward to the volume of Sweet Celebration this season as it enters its 2nd year.  With good volume and quality, they should be even more accessible to retailers.

For Anthony Vineyards, Spinelli tells us that they are looking forward to a strong crop of organic grapes to help satisfy a large demand.

With the question of any changes in pricing still up in the air, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the season. Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for the latest updates.

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