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Cantaloupe Truck Catches Fire on 1-5 in Oregon

Cantaloupe Truck Catches Fire on 1-5 in Oregon

SUNNY VALLEY, OR - Last week, Oregonians were shorted one truckload of melons after a bizarre accident sparked fire in a tractor-trailer carrying cantaloupe. The driver escaped unharmed but the cantaloupe were not so lucky—as the truck and its cargo burned to the ground.

Local ABC affiliate KEZI-9 news reported on the incident, which occurred at milepost 76 of the I-5 interstate near Sunny Valley, Oregon. Rescue crews and passersby documented the fire, which eventually consumed the entire truck.

“Truck and fruit appear to be a total loss,” the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) told the news source. “ODOT/OSP holding all NB lanes just prior to Sunny Valley due to a semi-truck on fire. It's carrying cantaloupe. Expect delays until the fire subsides enough to let traffic through.”

One would think juicy cantaloupe were flame retardant, but this story proves that even the juiciest of fruits are no match for fire.

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