Celery Update

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it—but how will holiday feasting affect the celery market? Here’s a breakdown of celery supply in this edition of The Bloom.

Bill Munger, Director of Fresh Cut Sales at Duda Farm Fresh Foods, described the quality of the celery coming out of California. “Weather in California has been a little on the cool side throughout the summer, and I don’t think the crop has come as quickly as we had hoped. The quality out of California has been good. I don’t think there’s any problem with customers getting covered, and there’s enough product to promote even though prices seem like they’re lower this year than last year. The demand for Thanksgiving celery will probably tighten up available supplies.”
Jamie Strachan, CEO of Green Giant Fresh discussed why he’s confident celery supply will meet demand. “Weather’s been running cooler than normal, but the nights are running a little warmer than normal, so production’s on track. Coming into the Thanksgiving season, we’ve got plenty of supplies. Our production is based on our key customer demand, and we’re right on track with meeting customers’ demands. Quality’s excellent, color’s good. Couldn’t be better.”
On the next episode of The Bloom, we’ll ask broccoli growers how their product is looking this year. Thank you for watching.

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