Chantler Packaging Launches Brandcheck, a Packaging Consultancy Division

Chantler Packaging Launches Brandcheck, a Packaging Consultancy Division

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MISSISSAUGA, ON - As growth has increased for Chantler Packaging Inc., the company has launched a new packaging consultancy division called Brandcheck.

Ian Ferguson, VP of Chantler Packaging and Practice Leader for Brandcheck, tells AndNowUKnow that Brandcheck came about when Chantler noticed that there was a need in the market for an advisory service to help brand owners improve the fit between brand strategy and packaging. 

One of the reasons why some food products fail on the shelf is that their packaging doesn’t fit with their brand strategy. Say a brand builds their business sourcing a great produce item, with a flavor and eating quality that’s really unique. But their package doesn’t call out to the consumer about why that item is unique and special, it doesn’t give the consumer the information they need to create that desire and purchase behavior,” Ian said.

“Another example is a food product that is all about value, about being competitively-priced. But the packaging they use is expensive and takes too much labor to apply. The packaging doesn’t fit with their brand strategy, and we can help with that,” Ian adds.

Brandcheck develops brand and product family strategy through strategic analysis, name generation, innovation mapping and consumer intercepts.  All of these services come together to create new strategies and analyze existing ones to better focus the brand.

For more information on Brandcheck, click here.

The company also offers competitive packaging research as well as material and structural development and design.

“One of the key services that sets Brandcheck apart is our competitor comparison service. We look at what the competing brands are doing in their packaging to see what consumers are more likely to choose.  We look at the packages head to head and generate data to develop the best packaging improvements to help brand owners forge that connection with consumers,” Ian says.

As the market continues to evolve, companies are looking for the next new strategy to energize their portfolios.  With that in mind, Chantler Packaging is raising the bar and inspiring new ways of interpreting the consumers' experience.


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