Chilean Frost to Affect Domestic Fruit Prices

In the wake of the Chilean frost damage, Cristián Allendes, president of the Federation Fruit Producers, declared, “It is impossible that the price of fruit will be equal to that of last year.”

Allendes insisted that sector losses amounted to billions of dollars, not the $800 million the minister, Luis Mayol, suggested, according to Cooperativa. In addition, there will be an expected loss of at least 50,000 jobs and not 27,000 as previously thought.

Consequently, Allendes urged the government not to minimize the effects of the frost and affirmed that there will be definite price increases. “All throughout November, December, and January, prices of peaches, nectarines, and plums will be higher because there will be shortages. There will be half the volume of a normal year, so it is impossible for them to cost the same,” said Allendes.

Nevertheless, Arturo Guerrero, spokesperson of the Vega Central, said that the price increase for fruits and vegetables cannot yet be observed. In his opinion, he believes we are in a “campaign of terror,” whose effects are only part of the contingency.

“I believe there is no need to promote a consumerist terror campaign, because these markets do not work like that. People need to have alternatives for consumption,” said Guerrero. He added, “Santiago Metropolitan Region has all items for 12 months,” calling it a luxury.

At one point, both the unions and the government agreed that the total damage of the volume of exports is at 22%, according to Cooperativa.

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