CMI Orchards Nears Seasonal Sales Peak for Kanzi® Apples

CMI Orchards Nears Seasonal Sales Peak for Kanzi® Apples

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WENATCHEE, WA – Fruit sales are booming as consumers look to freshen up their summers, and CMI Orchards is looking to make sure apples are a part of that mix with its branded apple, Kanzi®. As Kanzi nears its seasonal sales peak, CMI Orchards is offering retailers a premium selection to increase their summer sales and invigorate consumer excitement.

Robb Myers, Vice President of Sales, CMI Orchards“Sales have doubled so far this season with Kanzi and we fully expect the strong sales of Kanzi to continue through August with our Southern Hemisphere imports,” said Robb Myers, Vice President of Sales, who also oversees the apple import program on behalf of CMI Orchards. 

Over the next several week, the company stated in a press release, its imported Kanzis from New Zealand and Chile are expected to peak, driving incremental dollars into the apple category. Myers illuminated that over the past couple of years, retailers have really discovered how branded apples like Kanzi can energize the category during summer months. Kanzi is specially used to drive excitement. 

“We know apples like Red Delicious, Gala, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady create a foundation for the category. But we’re seeing retailers drive transaction size and incremental dollars by invigorating consumer interest in the category at a time when apple sales normally decline,” Myers continued. 

Kanzi® Apples

CMI Orchards stated that Kanzi is one of the strongest growth apples in the industry, and has jumped in sales over 100 percent over the past year. According to data from Nielsen, over the past 52 weeks through June 1, Kanzi sales are up by 103 percent with more than 9,000 stores carrying the apple.

“Summer is a great time for retailers that have never tried Kanzi to jump in,” said Myers. “In summer, some consumers tend to abandon the category simply because many apple varieties disappear from shelves as the crops run out. Our customers’ sales results show that introducing import Kanzi can provide a strong boost in sales.” 

Kanzi was also one of the only two apples that ranked in the top 20 for sales in U.S. supermarkets with dollar gain exceeding 100 percent. Last year in July alone, the company noted, nearly 1,500 supermarkets added Kanzi to their supermarket selections. 

Single Kanzi® Apples

“It’s important to remember that Kanzi are one of the few next-generation apples specifically bred in Europe to produce the most intense-flavored apple available,” said Myers. “We’re seeing the same intense flavor with our import Kanzi this season and are really excited to get these apples in the hands of consumers.” 

CMI Orchards noted that its imported Kanzi for the 2017 season are some of the best-eating apples from New Zealand and Chile that the company has received since starting imports five seasons ago. 

“As with all newer varieties, the trees are young. As the trees mature they become less vigorous and vegetative, giving us Kanzi with incredible acid and sugar balance,” Myers elaborated. 

Flavor intense Kanzi apples ride a tantalizing balance between sweet and tangy. Taste tests and demos have shown CMI Orchards that the supremely juicy apple and its intense flavor is coveted by consumers.

CMI Orchards

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