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Coke Farm's Olivier Griss Shares Insights on California Strawberry Season

Coke Farm's Olivier Griss Shares Insights on California Strawberry Season

SAN JUAN BAUTISTA, CA - In the Northern Hemisphere, bright sunny weather means that strawberries will soon be dotting the produce aisles like little rubies beckoning shoppers to add them to their baskets. As the season is underway, I got in touch with Olivier Griss, Sales Manager at Coke Farm, to see what the supplier has in store for the berry patch.

Olivier Griss, Sales Manager, Coke Farm“With the sunnier and favorable weather the past week, we are looking to peak around the third week of June,” he tells me. “We anticipate a steady supply of quality fruit for customers, and the sun is helping with quality despite some of the high winds we’ve been experiencing along California’s Central Coast. All things considered, production is feeling optimistic about the 2022 season.”

Although the region has been experiencing some inconsistent weather that has led to a delayed season, quality is strong across the grower’s strawberry crops. In the coming weeks, it also expects promotional volumes to become available.

Due to sunnier weather recently, Coke Farm is looking for its strawberry harvest to peak around the third week of June and anticipates a steady supply of quality fruit for its customers

As the season presses on, Coke Farm notes fluctuations in the strawberry market. However, the supplier is keeping an eye on potential factors, such as inflation, that could impact consumer purchasing habits.

“Demand seems to vary regionally right now,” Olivier explains. “However, right out of the gates, we see strong demand for our quality fruit. On the other hand, we are a bit concerned with the daily decisions potential consumers face that may affect purchasing behaviors, and I think that’s being felt across the industry.”

In the coming weeks, Coke Farm expects promotional volumes to become available just in time to meet strong demand from consumers

To appeal to shoppers’ interests, Olivier recommends that retailers spotlight sustainable packaging options like Coke Farm’s compostable clamshell, which uses no plastic.

Don’t be afraid to break the barrier and try compostable ready cycle clamshells,” he says. “We’ve had great success with customers who are willing to give them a chance. Direct consumer feedback has been tremendous, and their success has even surprised us!”

As shoppers go mining for beautiful gems in the produce department, Coke Farm’s strawberries are glistening and ready to be unearthed in your aisles.

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