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Columbine Vineyards Creates Elementary School Custom Education Program

Columbine Vineyards Creates Elementary School Custom Education Program

DELANO, CA – To bring California table grapes even further to the forefront of future generations, Columbine® Vineyards has announced a new, customized education program for elementary students, flush with interactive presentations and materials. 

Loraine Caratan, Ambassador and Curriculum Instructor, Columbine Vineyards“The education program is first targeting the Delano School District where Columbine® Vineyards is located,” said Loraine Caratan, Columbine Vineyards’ Ambassador and Curriculum Instructor. “We will reach about 2,000 students each year.”

As part of the program, Columbine designed colorful grape characters to lead students through several important aspects of growing Central Valley grapes, as well as their nutritional benefits. According to a press release, the program was specially crafted to benefit kindergarteners, and students 1st through 3rd grade.

Columbine Vinyards' Black Globe® grapes

Students learn the growing cycle of table groups through the lead character of the custom-created book Growing Up Grape, MC Farmer. Joined by his Columbine friends, Bella Black Globe®, Holly Holiday®, and Mila Milano®, students explore how plants are grown, the importance of geographic location, growing seasons, and the significance of skilled laborers who supply goods and services. 

“Columbine® Vineyards has a tradition of growing high-quality grapes and has expanded this level of excellence to educate students about grapes that are grown locally and then shipped all over the world,” added Caratan.

Columbine Vinyards' Holiday® grapes

As part of the program, students will receive a copy of the storybook along with a coloring book counterpart to further highlight the story’s information. Students in the 2nd and 3rd grade will also have access to the custom workbook Table Grapes-Nutritious and Delicious, which address the local historical events and health benefits of table grapes.

Columbine will also offer classrooms animated presentations that include colorful pictures and interactive activities customized per grade level. At the conclusion of these presentations, teachers will receive curriculum packets with materials for their classrooms, including custom books, and coordinated classroom posters, cups, and student bookmarks.

Columbine Vinyards' Milano® grapes

The company stated that the materials the program encompasses are based on both Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

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