Del Rey Avocado Announces Leadership Transition; Bob Lucy, Bob Siemer, Donny Lucy, and Patrick Lucy Share

Del Rey Avocado Announces Leadership Transition; Bob Lucy, Bob Siemer, Donny Lucy, and Patrick Lucy Share

FALLBROOK, CA - There are empires all across the supply chain that have witnessed generations of growth, passing the torch to each new leader as they continue to evolve. Del Rey Avocado’s Bob Lucy and Bob Siemer recently announced the transition of leadership of the company, turning over the reins to Jessica Hunter and Patrick and Donny Lucy earlier this year.

Jessica Hunter, Chief Executive Officer, Del Rey AvocadoJessica Hunter, the daughter of Siemer, now serves as Chief Executive Officer. She is responsible for the supplier’s growing, packing, and grower relations at its multiple operations in California, Texas, and New Jersey.

As this transition takes place, Patrick Lucy has taken on the role of President, leading the company’s global marketing, sales, and distribution efforts alongside the sales team.

Del Rey Avocado recently announced Jessica Hunter will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer as Patrick Lucy takes on President and Donny Lucy occupies Vice President

Donny Lucy, who occupies the role of Vice President, will manage domestic and international sales, in addition to global procurement, as noted in a press release.

Patrick Lucy, President, Del Rey Avocado“The three of us make a good team,” said Patrick. “We are blessed that we work so well together and are thrilled and proud to carry on a legacy that our dad and Bob Siemer worked so hard for so many years.”

In addition, all three are a part of the company’s Board of Directors.

Donny Lucy, Vice President, Del Rey Avocado“I have to say with all sincerity that working with my father, my brother Patrick, and Jessica for all these years has brought me and my family so much joy,” added Donny Lucy. “There are so many great people in this industry, and I don’t have to look very far, because I get to see them every day.”

The leadership trio’s ambitious vision for the future includes grower development, continued market expansion, and providing their customer's innovative solutions that add value.

Bob Lucy, President Emeritus/Partner, Del Rey Avocado“We will continue to be available to advise and consult thus ensuring the continuity of excellence the company is known for,” said Bob Lucy. “In our minds, we recognized in 2020 that the right time was upon us, and we began the process of nurturing a smooth transition of leadership to Jessica, Patrick, and Donny. Without a doubt, Del Rey Avocado is positioned to continue to do great things, and Siemer and I are excited to see that unfold in our kids. At the end of the day, we are truly blessed and are mindful that the good Lord has given us this tremendous opportunity.”

Siemer also commented on the transition of leadership.

Bob Siemer, Chief Agronomist Emeritus/Partner, Del Rey Avocado“We are so proud and delighted to pass the torch to three highly talented and intelligent people, who just happen to be our kids,” he stated. “As with many other successful family agricultural companies in California, we began grooming the next generation for the eventuality and hope of them wanting to, and being ready for, leadership at the right time. We are both looking forward to spending more time with our grandkids, our wives, and doing the things we love to do, while counting our blessings every day. We will continue to be involved in our community and the industry, while supporting this amazing management team.”

Both Siemer and Lucy will remain active in the industry and will serve on Del Rey Avocado’s Board of Directors. To read more about these leaders’ distinguished tenure with the supplier, click here.

Congratulations to the entire Del Rey Avocado team for passing the torch to the next generation of leaders!

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