Divine Flavor Ramps Up Table Grape Production; Antonio Escobar Discusses

Divine Flavor Ramps Up Table Grape Production; Antonio Escobar Discusses

NOGALES, AZ - The warmth of the spring and summer seasons is just around the bend here in the Northern Hemisphere, and to add to the excitement, Divine Flavor has announced that volumes are ramping up for its grapes imported from Peru, Chile, and South Africa.

Antonio Escobar, Grapes Category Manager, Divine Flavor“The next 6–8 weeks should bring plenty of opportunities to promote premium red seedless varieties at very attractive prices delivering great value for consumers,” said Antonio Escobar, Grapes Category Manager. “White seedless grape supplies will also continue steadily, and we’re expecting decent volumes of Sweet Globe and AUTUMNCRISP® coming from Peru, Chile, and South Africa.”

As the grower prepares for peak production, it anticipates a strong second half of the season for its red and white seedless grapes from those regions, strategically lining up with its new vineyards in Jalisco, Mexico, at Grupo Alta.

Divine Flavor revealed that its import table grapes from Peru, Chile, and South Africa are ramping up volumes and expected to hit peak production soon

For the past five years, Divine Flavor has been involved with the import deal, and the company has established strong roots with growers, a press release stated. Some of those suppliers include Ecosac out of Piura, Peru, as well as Santa Elena and Unifrutti, who grow throughout regions of Chile.

“Our partners in Chile and Peru are really top-notch and not only have the ability to meet industry requirements, but they also have the passion for growing grapes just like we do in Mexico,” continued Escobar. “We’ve been able to complement each other to build a great partnership that delivers excellent grapes from November through July.”

March will see more shipments of specialty varieties for Divine Flavor, such as its Jellyberries and Candy Hearts, followed by the Chilean Muscat Beauty.

The table grape importer has partnered with growers including Santa Elena and Unifrutti who grow throughout regions of Chile as well as Ecosac out of Piura, Peru, and Grupo Alta of Jalisco, Mexico

Starting the first weeks of April, Divine Flavor will transition to its Jalisco season at Grupo Alta, starting with Timpson, then followed by Sweet Globe and AUTUMNCRISP®. All premium white seedless grapes will be grown, in addition to Cotton Candy.

“Whether it’s our continued development with our partners in South America or internally at our farms in Mexico, we are always looking for ways to improve flavor and the eating experience because, in the end, we all agree that’s what matters the most,” Escobar added.

As Divine Flavor continues to develop its import grape program, keep reading AndNowUKnow for updates.

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