Duda Fresh Farms' Nichole Towell and Mission Produce's LeighAnne Thomsen Discuss Big Game 50 Team Up

Duda Fresh Farms' Nichole Towell and Mission Produce's LeighAnne Thomsen Discuss Big Game 50 Team Up

OVIEDO, FL & OXNARD, CA - As we make our way through this first month of 2016, Duda Farm Fresh Foods and Mission Produce have teamed up for their Super Fresh Game Day Sweepstakes, which taps into both the Big Game and healthy eating resolutions.

Nichole Towell, Director of Marketing, Duda Fresh Farms“Duda and Mission are the perfect match for a promotion like this. Both avocados and celery are game day staples and it helps that the most guacamole consumed for a single event is unquestionably during the Big Game period,” Nichole Towell, Director of Marketing for Duda, tells me. “Not only is this a great promotional period, but the data and feedback we are collecting from consumers will help us offer better insights and smarter recommendations to our retail partners.”

Along with entering their contact information to win prizes, entrants are also asked to share background info on where they shop and what they like.  This promotion is about more than simply getting the brand out there, it is also about helping Mission and Duda gain more knowledge on key demographics and regions.

Duda and Mission are offering consumers a chance to win a Samsung 50" LED Smart TV during each week leading up to the game, with just a couple of weeks left. Consumers can also win a box of Mission avocados plus a year’s supply of free Dandy® celery. This is of course in addition to making plenty of tailgating dreams come true with the snack and recipe ideas. The two companies have also been providing "super fresh" recipe emails featuring 2 recipes to make game day experiences even better with creations featuring celery and avocado.

LeighAnne Thomsen, Marketing Manager, Mission ProduceLeighAnne Thomsen, Marketing Manager for Mission Produce tells me, "It is turning out to be a great opportunity to bolster our social media campaigning and connect in a meaningful way with consumers.  We’re looking forward to continuing a conversation about fresh produce and Mission avocados with our new connections.”

“So far the entries have surpassed our expectations with north of 20,000 entries and growing,” Nichole adds.

While the team you are rooting for may not be a sure thing for the Big Game ring, at least you’ll know that Duda and Mission are helping to make the experience a flavorful one.

For me, I am a Peyton fan all the way.

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