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Edge Sales & Marketing Merges with CMC Sales & Marketing

Edge Sales & Marketing Merges with CMC Sales & Marketing

PLEASANTON, CA – Pleasanton based Edge Sales & Marketing will be officially merging with the operations of Santa Fe Springs' CMC Sales & Marketing. The two companies, which specialize in perishables, provide a myriad of broker services to their clients throughout the Western United Sates, including business management, headquarter coverage, analytics and retail merchandising.

The two firms accommodate some of the most influential companies in the industry among their clients, such as Kroger, Safeway, WinCo, and a whole host of leading growers. With this merger in place, Edge Sales and CMC are confident that they will be able to bring better services than ever to these clients.

The combined organization has already announced its senior management team. This team will consist of:

  • Charlie Frankowski, COB/CEO
  • Lee Deminski, President, Southern Region
  • Brad Raffanti, President, Northern Region

Raffanti explained how the companys' similar strategies in providing the best possible services to their clients and customers will allow the two teams to coordinate well together in the post-merger phase. He sees a wealth of growth opportunities ahead for the combined company.

Brad Raffanti, President, Northern Region“We will utilize our experience, synergies and expertise to further expand our company and best represent our clients and customers in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry,” he explained. “We are very excited about the current business model and opportunities for growth.”


Lee Deminski, President, Southern Region“With this merger, we will be able to deliver a larger-scoped, more consistent and adaptable single source business station for our clients and customers in the ever changing climate within our business,” Deminski agreed. “The efficiencies of scale and the combined resources offered by our company will only enhance our already Best-of-Class services from customer headquarter sales, client interaction to retail delivery throughout the Western US and beyond. We look forward towards what the future will bring.”

Given the optimism surrounding this merger, I am sure this is a sentiment likely shared by Edge Sales and CMC's clients as well.

Congratulations on the completion of this exciting merger agreement, CMC and Edge Sales!

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