Four Legends Prepare to Retire From Lipman Family Farms; Elyse Lipman Comments

Four Legends Prepare to Retire From Lipman Family Farms; Elyse Lipman Comments

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IMMOKALEE, FL - The new year brings a bittersweet celebration to the team at Lipman Family Farms. Four leaders who have made vital contributions to the grower’s operations are preparing for retirement at the end of this year, leaving behind impressive legacies.

Elyse Lipman, Chief Executive Officer, Lipman Family Farms“Lipman Family Farms has been successful for over 75 years because of our people. Our four retiring leaders have been the backbone of our farming success,” explains Elyse Lipman, Chief Executive Officer of Lipman Family Farms. “Bobby, Randy, Wes, and Jamie—your dedication has woven a familial spirit into our company, leaving an enduring legacy of hard work and commitment.”

Retiring at the end of the year are Randy Moss, Irrigation and Tech Specialist with 49 years of service; Bob Poklemba, Manager of Transplants Operations with 48 years of service; Wes Roan, Crop Protection Specialist with 35 years of service; and Jamie Williams, Director of Florida Farming with 23 years of service.

Having dedicated a combined 150 years of service to the company, the four tenures are leaving behind a legacy of hard work and dedication as they retire, a press release explained.

Elyse Lipman, Chief Executive Officer, stands surrounded by team members who have made the company the success it is today

Each of these leaders has made vital contributions to Lipman’s long-standing company legacy:

  • Poklemba, the Manager of Transplant Operations, played an instrumental role in Lipman’s growing expertise over the years, overseeing the production of more than 1 billion transplants during his exceptional 48 years of service
  • Moss, a lifelong contributor to Lipman, has left an indelible mark on various facets of the company, from farm manager and equipment operator to packing shed responsibilities
  • Williams, Director of Farm Operations, has played a pivotal role in Lipman's success during his 23 years of dedicated service
  • Through his years working for the company, Roan has been instrumental in accelerating our expertise and skills in crop protection

“Their long-term commitment and hard work have cultivated the seeds of our growth. Their departure marks the end of an era, but also the beginning of another with the leaders they’ve mentored. We express our deepest gratitude for the impact they have made on Lipman Family Farms, and we wish them a retirement as rich and fulfilling as the legacy they helped build,” shared Lipman.

Lipman Family Farms celebrates the dedication and service that these industry members gave to the company. (From left to right: Jamie Williams, Ricky Lipman, Randy Moss, Bobby Poklemba, and Wes Roan)

Ricky Lipman, a third-generation Owner, also commented on behalf of the Lipman family, expressing gratitude for the dedication of these four exceptional individuals.

“These are four great men who have dedicated a huge portion of their life to the success of Lipman, and we are forever proud to have had each of them on the team,” he said.

To read more about each of these leaders’ integral contributions, click here. And for more industry news, keep checking in with ANUK.

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