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Fox Packaging Showcases Eco-Friendly Packaging at United Fresh

Fox Packaging Showcases Eco-Friendly Packaging at United Fresh

MCALLEN, TX - Eco-friendly packaging solutions are in high demand right now to satiate the environmentally conscious shopper. Fox Packaging has picked up on this trend, concentrating on projects focused primarily on sustainability. As the company angles to keep it green, it is also prepping for the upcoming United Fresh expo, a place where Fox Packaging can show off its wares and make an exciting announcement.

Craig Fox, Executive Vice-President, Fox Packaging“We are focusing on the recyclability and reusability of our products—we are sensitive to the issues of waste in the world and single-use packaging is not the answer,” Craig Fox, Executive Vice-President told me. “At Fox Packaging we continually strive to improve our product line through in-house research and development programs. In-house programs aim to ensure that our polymer is 100 percent recyclable and meets the evolving industry standards of sustainability.”

Fox Packaging has seen an excellent response to its Fox Fresh Mesh Combo® bag, as well as its Fox Stand-Up Combo® bag, which was nominated for the United Fresh Innovation Awards for Best New Packaging. Constantly invested in packaging innovation, Fox Packaging is proud to say that its entire product line is fully recyclable and reusable. The company’s reusable packaging benefits more than just the earth, but the quality of the produce itself—Fox Packaging’s Fox Fresh Mesh® can help extend shelf life and ensure quality. The company is currently revisiting its stand-up format, as it searches for ways to better meet the growing demand for green packaging.

Fox Packaging is proud to say that its entire product line is fully recyclable and reusable

“Trends are geared toward sustainability—it will be highly common that retailers who offer consumer goods requiring plastic packaging to adopt corporate social responsibility initiatives in favor of reducing or eliminating single-use packaging,” Business Development Manager Jasper Trujillo commented. “Big box retailers, such as Walmart, have already started to lead this change and you should expect to see others follow suit. The U.S. market is becoming green-conscious, similar to that of European countries.”

Attendees of United Fresh are in for a treat, as Fox Packaging will have a Pouch Bagger live and in action, demonstrating the company’s Fox Stand-Up Combo bag. Fox Packaging will also be making a special announcement on the first day of the expo. Though its representatives were tight-lipped about what that announcement would be, it is sure to be something great.

To learn about sustainable packaging breakthroughs, visit booth #6012 next week to chat with the fine folks with Fox Packaging.

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