Fresh Avenue Highlights Location Importance Amid Transportation Challenges

Fresh Avenue Highlights Location Importance Amid Transportation Challenges

CALIFORNIA - Life happens while we are busy making plans, leaving us with few areas we can control. Fresh Avenue highlighted one of these areas in a recent dive on consolidation facilities, specifically the impact location can have.

While I can say convenient locations have always been a factor in new facility announcements, it seems that the weight this carries has gotten heavier in light of the challenges the supply chain has increasingly faced.


The company highlights in its recent post, Location, Location, Location, the ways in which business operations hold a valuable place in the supply chain.

Key factors listed are:

  • The right place
  • Access to everything
  • Smooth transition
  • Taking advantage of the location

“In the world of real estate, the address of a property can add tens of thousands to the value or take it away. The different sections of town define the culture, architecture, amenities, goods, and services that are available,” the company observes, likening it to families shopping for homes and how comparable factors make for a prime facility.

Immediately discussing consolidation facilities, Fresh Avenue points out significant time savings having product directly taken to one when a typical pickup can consist of a four-hour wait at one stop, five at another, and so-on.

Additional factors the company points to are access to more product for buyers, access to competitive prices, and remaining open in both growing regions during industry transitions.

“Many times, product picked up at growers during this time will experience some disruption during the shutdown of grower facilities and people and equipment traveling hundreds of miles to the next location. One way to lessen that impact is by using consolidation, a facility that does not undertake a complete move. Usually these facilities are open year-round in each growing region,” Fresh Avenue states.

To read the post in its entirety, click here, and for the latest in our industry, continue to keep an eye on AndNowUKnow.

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