Fresh Concepts' Dustin White and Denny's Gene Harris Win Suntreat Sumo Citrus'® Quiz Quix

Fresh Concepts' Dustin White and Denny's Gene Harris Win Suntreat Sumo Citrus'® Quiz Quix

SACRAMENTO, CA - We at ANUK love to test our industry friends’ knowledge, hence why we’ve always got exclusive quizzes to keep you on your toes. Most recently, we asked you to take a stab at the Sumo® citrus category, tapping Suntreat’s expertise. From citrus champions to Sumo students, the industry came, saw, and conquered this ten-part quiz. Two outstanding players blew us away, though, earning a prize of one hundred dollars each.

Our buy-side winner was Gene Harris, Senior Purchasing Manager and Travel Administrator at Denny's Corporation. Congratulations, Gene! You are officially a Sumo pro.

Gene Harris, Senior Purchasing Manager, Denny's"I am really interested in Sumo citrus now,” said Gene. “I love peeling and eating the small seedless tangerines—Sumo's are more of a good thing! I love being challenged by these quizzes, it helps me keep my reading comprehension skills sharp. Thanks to ANUK!"

The supply-side winner was a bit of a novice when it came to Sumo citrus, but he still managed to come out on top. Congratulations to Dustin White, Procurement Manager at Fresh Concepts!

Dustin White, Procurement Manager, Fresh Concepts“The quiz prep material sure does help to have an idea of what questions will be asked and what the answers will be,” Dustin commented. “I've never heard of Sumo Citrus before, but after watching that video and reading up on it, I certainly can't wait to get my hands on one and try it out!”

Take a peek at our leaderboard below to see how tight the competition was for this citrus quiz:

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Congratulations once again to Gene and Dustin!

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