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Freska and Splendid Share Insights into the Tight Mango Market

Freska and Splendid Share Insights into the Tight Mango Market

MEXICO - It’s looking to be a tight mango market ahead as we move through the season in Mexico.  Currently, growing regions are reporting quite a bit less out of Mexico to-date. Freska Produce International tells AndNowUKnow that the industry estimates suggest that volumes are down 6 million boxes compared to the same time last year, but the real decline in volume has been over the last month or so as the season has progressed to Northern Mexico. 

“The Southern Mexico deal was fairly normal, but as of late, the Northern deal has declined pretty significantly.  Some of this is related to weather conditions and off bearing trees but the forecast going forward looks like less fruit than last year overall by a significant amount,” Gary Clevenger, Freska's Co-Founder and Managing Member, tells us.

“When volume declines, its normal to see some increase in price, but this year has been unusual because promotions have been lacking on the retail side leading to inventories sitting on shelves and not moving as fast. We'll have to get more creative with our sales,” he notes.  

Larry Nienkerk, Founder of Splendid Products, agreed with this assessment, telling ANUK, “There has been a real lack of clear information from the growers this season, which has lead to very few specials being put out on the market. Given that these specials are a major market driver, their absence has a profound effect on sales numbers.”

As the industry continues moving forward, the forecast is for less fruit out of the Los Mochis region of Mexico, which winds down the season from Mexico.

“In previous years, volume was much higher out of the Nayarit and Sinaloa regions.  But, quality has been pretty decent. With less fruit in the tress, there are more good looking size 10’s and larger and not many smaller sizes like 12’s,” Gary tells us.

For Freska, the Mexican mango season began in February and will most likely taper off in September this year. Currently, Mexico is the major growing region for mangos, and there are not enough supplies in other growing regions to rock the market or make a really significant contribution to the market.

“Promotions will be slim until the Ecuador/Brazil seasons go head-to-head in November. There will still be good availability on most sizes, but pricing will not be as low as it has been when there was significant volume,” Gary notes.

Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for the latest updates on the mango market.

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