Frieda's Branded Produce Rings in Fire Dragon® Fruit Season With New PLU Approval; Alex Jackson Comments

Frieda's Branded Produce Rings in Fire Dragon® Fruit Season With New PLU Approval; Alex Jackson Comments

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ANAHEIM, CA - Fire Dragon Fruit is making its way from Nicaragua to consumers’ carts, and Frieda’s Branded Produce is kicking off the highly anticipated season with a brand-new red flesh dragon fruit PLU. As Vice President of Sales and Procurement Alex Jackson made evident, there are tons of opportunities in store to promote this enticing specialty offering.

Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement, Frieda's Branded Produce

"We're excited to kick off the Fire Dragon® season and unveil the new red flesh dragon fruit PLU," said Jackson. "We pride ourselves on bringing premium, diverse fruits to the table, and this dragon fruit variety is no exception. Packed with essential nutrients, making them a perfect choice for health-conscious and adventurous foodies, we are excited that retailers can now easily merchandise Fire Dragons alongside Snow Dragons and Honey Dragons with the new PLU, and our eye-catching hang tags educating consumers on the differences in all dragon fruit varieties."

Celebrated for its vibrant pink flesh, higher brix levels, and exclusive availability, Fire Dragon is grown in Nicaragua’s rich volcanic soil, resulting in a variety that boasts striking red flesh that beautifully contrasts with its pink skin. As Frieda’s noted in a press release, the newly approved PLU 3551 makes merchandising this unique variety easier than ever.

Merchandising the gorgeous variety that is Fire Dragon® red flesh dragon fruit from Frieda's Branded Produce is a snap with the approval of a new PLU

Fire Dragons are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients, supporting a healthy immune system, promoting digestive health, and contributing to overall well-being. With a brix level of 15-20, it’s sweeter and tangier than the brand’s Snow Dragons®, which have a brix level of 10-16.

“In addition to our program out of Nicaragua, we have Fire Dragons from Ecuador and an exclusive, non-irradiated, organic program from Mexico with a super sweet tropical flavor,” shared Alex.

Tap into this growing market by reaching out to Frieda’s for all your dragon fruit needs!

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