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Frieda's Bringing Back Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

Frieda's Bringing Back Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – Frieda's Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes is returning for a 3rd season and on the heels of last years sellout crop, its growers are expecting big things again for 2014.

“We sold out of our entire crop last year in late January—not one single sweet potato left behind for both conventional crop and our organic pilot program! So we planted a lot more this year, so we can have year-round supply,” said Karen Caplan, President and CEO of Frieda’s Inc. “These tubers are extremely popular with shoppers for their gorgeous color and well-balanced flavor. Additionally, fitness enthusiasts find Stokes Purple® to be the perfect fuel for their healthy lifestyle, and they stock up on them.”

According to a press release, Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes have a lush purple skin and a deep purple flesh. They are high in antioxidants, putting it in the same class as popular superfoods like açai, blueberry, and purple corn. In addition the sweet potatoes are non-GMO and have a very low value on the glycemic index, making it a big hit with consumers following the popular Paleo or clean-eating diets.

Frieda's Bringing Back Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

Both conventional and organic varieties of Organic Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes will be available to retailers. A new addition for this season is a 12/3lb bag shipping option in addition to last year's 15lb and 40lb bulk cartons.

According to a press release, Frieda's will be supporting its sweet potatoes with holiday promotions extensive product information, high resolution images, and a comprehensive recipe database.

Now that sounds like a 'sweet' deal to me!

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