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Georgia Peaches Thrive in the Winter Chill

Georgia Peaches Thrive in the Winter Chill

FORT VALLEY, GA - After a tumultuous winter season nation-wide, Georgia is looking to make the summer of 2015 a peachy one.  

Georgia Peach season is approaching, and the company stated the produce responded well to being exposed to 1,200 hours under 40 degrees, reportedly yielding some sweet results.

“We’re so fortunate to have inherited the land that our great-great-grandfathers planted in Georgia over 140 years ago. The geography always produces the most flavorful, juicy peaches,” Duke Lane III, President of the Georgia Peach Council, said in a press release. “Combined with an optimum number of chill hours, the ridiculously hot expected summer temperatures are helping this season shape up to look like one of the sweetest.”

After a well-rested stretch of “beauty sleep” weather, the company says that the sweltering heat that approaches will be the perfect combination for the peaches. According to the release, growers are anticipating the first wave of the “quintessential summertime fruit” to be here the week of May 18.

Coming varieties include the Flavorich, due to arrive around Memorial Day, all the way through to the August Prince which will arrive in late August. Retailers around the country and shoppers who anticipate Georgia Peaches will have their first bite soon.

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