Giumarra's Victoria Serrano and Sobey's Phil Abatecola Win Monterey Mushrooms Quiz

Giumarra's Victoria Serrano and Sobey's Phil Abatecola Win Monterey Mushrooms Quiz

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One of the questions in last week's Quiz Quix mistakenly noted the correct answer for what portobella mushroom strain Monterey Mushrooms is best known for as "Delta Breeze" when the correct answer was "Heirloom." Because this was caught before winners were confirmed, it did not affect who now wears the mushroom crown. While we would love to say "AndNowUKnow," we'd rather thank you for your time, as always, and apologies for the fungi fact.

SACRAMENTO, CA - It’s my pleasure to announce the two winners of our most recent Quiz Quix opportunity.

The buy-side winner, Phil Abatecola, Demand Planner for Sobeys, is going home with $100 cash, thanks to his quick-thinking and speedy clicks.

Supply-side winner Victoria Serrano, Marketing Administrator at Giumarra Companies, is also walking away from this quiz with the coveted prize.

Check out who came in the top spots in the leaderboard below to see the stiff competition for this Monterey Mushrooms quiz…

We all know that when the pressure is on, we can tense up and miss a beat. Here is the most missed question from the Monterey Mushrooms quiz.

Most Missed Question

On average, how many pounds of mushrooms does a picker pick in one day?

Correct Answer


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Monterey Mushrooms Quiz Quix

There are more opportunities to jump on the prize-winning train if you missed out on this one. You can take this one to practice your quickness for the next round of quiz wiz fun by checking out the link above, or you can subscribe, if you’re not already, to stay in-the-know on our next quiz opportunity and chance to win a $100 cash prize —just click the link here.

Congratulations, Phil and Victoria!

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