Gordon Ramsay Dishes Up Giant Onion Rings from World's Biggest Onion Grower

Gordon Ramsay Dishes Up Giant Onion Rings from World's Biggest Onion Grower

BRITAIN - Step aside Man vs. Food, Gordon Ramsay is challenging for top-dog in the food competition arena with a mouthwatering batch of giant onion rings. What makes these onion rings so special you might ask? These rings are like no other because they were prepped from a massive onion farmed by the same grower who raised the world's biggest onion.

Just how big is the world's biggest onion? As AndNowUKnow covered in a previous story, this massive offering grown by Moira, Leicestershire's Tony Glover weighs in at 18lbs, 11.5oz. That'd be enough to satiate the hunger of even the most ravenous onion ring lover, 10 times over!

According to the Leicester Mercury, the onion rings were not made from this produce giant however. With Tony not wanting to serve up his record breaker just yet, Ramsay had to settle for a smaller offering...a “puny” 17lb onion, which Tony grew alongside the World's Biggest Onion.

Speaking for all of the BBC viewers who watched him fry these meal-sized snacks up on Tuesday's episode of “One Show,” Ramsay exclaimed, “Look at the size of this thing!”' 

For the aspiring chefs out there, Ramsay revealed that he whipped up the batter for his onion rings with a mixture of flour, rice flour, salt, beer and, surprisingly, gin.

“It [the gin] comes from Japan,” he said. “And it’s an incredible way of making a beautiful batter that gives a touch of authenticity. You can taste the juniper berries, but more importantly, it gives it a really nice flavor – especially to the onion.”

What tips did the Hell's Kitchen star have for people at home looking to make their own onion rings? 

“Don’t leave them in the deep fryer for too long,” he said simply. “There’s nothing worse than a soggy ring.”

My only regret now is that Ramsay never sent any samples to AndNowUKnow for me to taste-test before writing this article.