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Gordon Robertson of Sun World Discusses Achieving Sales Growth Using Best Practices and Category Insights

Gordon Robertson of Sun World Discusses Achieving Sales Growth Using Best Practices and Category Insights

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Sun World International is embarking on a new mission toward sales growth, using customer data to glean insights and collaborating with customers about winning strategies as the company develops best practices for the grape category.

Gordon Robertson, Executive Vice President, Sun World InternationalAccording to a press release, last year’s Mexico-U.S. season saw the grape category remain relatively flat, with growth just shy of .25 percent, with nearly 40 percent of sales being on promotion. Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Gordon Robertson explained, “As a category leader, we feel a responsibility to our customers and growers to go beyond just selling grapes and help create profitable growth in the category. Mining category data not only demonstrates our commitment to our customers and growers, but it allows us to continue to be at the forefront of the grape category and keep up with trends.”

Now, after analyzing these category insights, Robertson shared the trends Sun World has extracted. “We are seeing a key tactical shift among those gaining market share,” he said. “Many of these retailers are creating two tiers in the category. One segment is focused on value, and the other is on proprietary varieties.”

This two-tier strategy, the company said, allows for Sun World customers to fulfill the needs of different consumers. “While some are focused on value, others want to enjoy great flavor like Sun World’s SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand red grapes and are willing to pay a premium price,” added Robertson. “We support our customers in this strategy by ensuring all of our proprietary varieties have unique PLUs and GTINs to assure accuracy at the register.”

To see a rundown of Sun World’s grape varieties, including proprietary options like SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS, visit www.sun-world.com/types-of-grapes, and stay in touch with ANUK for the latest developments from innovative produce companies.

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