Grimmway Farms King Pak® Potatoes Come Back in Season

Grimmway Farms King Pak® Potatoes Come Back in Season

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Another season of King Pak® potatoes is on the horizon, and grower Grimmway Farms is well-prepared to share the beautiful, ruby reds, bright golds, and proprietary Avalanche® whites with the world through August. As sole producer of the King Pak brand for nearly 20 years, Grimmway says the key to the company’s success is sending fresh-packed potatoes to market early in the season, as well as never holding the product in storage. 

Chris Rhodes, Fresh Sales Category Manager, Grimmway Farms“We’ve received excellent feedback on the quality of our crop and the distinct flavor profile of each variety,” shared Chris Rhodes, Fresh Sales Category Manager. “The darker skin on our reds holds up better than most, and our bright white potatoes offer a nice, round form that many shoppers look for.”

As one of the few producers to start harvesting potatoes this early in the season, Grimmway has a unique advantage in the category. According to a press release, the company seeks optimal growing conditions in order to sustain supply from April to August, migrating its crops to avoid adverse effects of weather and ensure the highest quality product. “We grow in Coachella through the winter, then we move back to Bakersfield in spring before heading to Lancaster for the summer,” explains Rhodes.

Beyond transitioning across growing regions, Grimmway’s King Pak potato program differentiates itself by being fully integrated with the company’s carrot and organic vegetable sales. Seamlessly creating a purchase experience for retailers, this structure allows customers the convenience of one-step ordering and single-stop loading for all of their fresh produce needs.

Grimmway offers early potatoes in a range of pack sizes and flexible shipping options, including 3, 5, and 10-pound retail bags. The company also offers 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A, B, or C sized potatoes. For more information on King Pak potatoes, contact 661-845-9435.

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