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Gwillimdale Farms' Quinton Woods Explores Expansion, Retail Partnerships, Vision, and More

Gwillimdale Farms' Quinton Woods Explores Expansion, Retail Partnerships, Vision, and More

BRADFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA - A carrot is never just carrot if you are fifth-generation, family-owned Gwillimdale Farms. A carrot is the symbol of a legacy. It is a coveted fresh produce destination and a testament to excellence. As the company progresses through the heart of its Mexican carrot program, Quinton Woods, Sales and Plant Operation Manager, joins me to discuss Gwillimdale’s vision for the summer months and what we can expect from this powerhouse produce provider as the team expands their reach in Canada and beyond.

Quinton Woods, Sales and Plant Operation Manager, Gwillimdale Farms“It is an exciting time at Gwillimdale Farms, and we remain a nimble and agile company even in the most challenging of times. Our team tailors our fresh produce programs across our carrot operations—as well as our potatoes, parsnips, onions and beets—to the needs of our retail partners,” Quinton shares with me. “As our portfolio and distribution capabilities have grown, our network of resources are allowing us to grow our customer base further into the United States.”

While Gwillimdale’s premium carrot portfolio is still available from Mexico, the team is also ramping up for its local season in Ontario, Canada, which should start in about four weeks. As a one-stop-shop providing a 365-day-per-year program across root vegetables, the company has made shipping available every day of the week, every week of the year to meet the demands of the consumer’s shopping list.

The Gwillimdale Farms team tailors its fresh produce programs across its carrot operations—as well as potatoes, parsnips, onions and beets—to the needs of the company’s retail partners

“All of our produce items are packed under our Gwillimdale label and we can ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada,” Quinton says. “One of our biggest advantages is our commodity mix. With five commodities in the root veg category, we have a great opportunity to do mixed loads, especially when it comes to low-volume items like beets and parsnips. Gwillimdale also provides packing for private label and we can do custom or special specs as well—whatever the retailer needs. We grow everything ourselves, we pack everything ourselves, and we ship it all ourselves. Our team has the opportunity to control what we're producing. If there's a specification that the retailer's looking for, or any customer's looking for, for that matter, we have the ability to make sure that we can get what they need.”

As a family-owned and operated company, Gwillimdale infuses as much love in the soil as it does in its vision to impact the retailer’s bottom line. Today, Gwillimdale is one of Ontario’s largest growers, packers, and shippers of fresh root vegetables with over 1,000 acres, primarily based in Bradford, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

In a business where success is determined by the value of your relationships, Gwillimdale Farms is investing in the long haul for its partners and bringing vision to the forefront of its company and program.

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