Honeybear® Brands Reports Best On Record Harvest for Pazazz® Crop; Don Roper Discusses

Honeybear® Brands Reports Best On Record Harvest for Pazazz® Crop; Don Roper Discusses

ELGIN, MN - Here in North America, a storm’s a brewin’, and the forecast is calling for a heavy downpour of apples. As fall continues to bring a bounty of the staple fruit, Honeybear® Brands is taking full advantage of the season, spotlighting one of its best Pazazz® apple harvests on record.

Don Roper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Honeybear® Brands“Despite a challenging growing season, the crop looks great coming into the barn,” said Don Roper, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Luckily, we grow Pazazz across North America, so we will have strong promotable volumes all season long.”

Last season, Honeybear saw increased retail demand for the coveted Pazazz variety across the United States and Canada, according to a press release. With unique baking and eating characteristics thanks to an exceptional crunch and great texture, the variety has become popular amongst consumers, especially as they prepare a myriad of holiday desserts.

Pazazz has seen additional success in stores thanks to its long marketing window. Setting itself apart from other premium varieties, Pazazz has the ability to be stored for an extended period of time, lending itself to longer on-shelf appearances.

Honeybear® Brands is spotlighting its best Pazazz apple harvest on record, teasing strong promotable volumes all season long

“Pazazz is a great eating apple that delights consumers right now, but we see a big lift in the apple category once we get into the late winter and spring months as the eating quality is amazingly steady throughout the entire year,” added Roper.

A descendent of the Honeycrisp apple, Pazazz has a balanced flavor profile of sweet and tangy. With strong crunch and a flavor that does not fade throughout the season, the variety is a great contender for year-round options.

This season, fans of the Pazazz apple will get early access to the variety as it is expected to hit shelves a month sooner. Honeybear will start promotions in Novemeber and Early December.

To help drive shoppers to the store to load their baskets with Pazazz, Honeybear is continuing its multi-pronged marketing campaign, Find Your Pazazz. The campaign encourages consumers to find something extra special in their day and to celebrate life’s small-but-shining moments. To do so, the company will use digital advertising, social media marketing, and an influencer program with top food and wellness names.

While the apples are raining down here in the States, make sure to grab your buckets and collect your shoppers’ favorite varieties to add to your shelves—Pazazz might just be on the list.

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