Hortau Inc. Welcomes John Bison as the Company's New Irrigation Specialist

Hortau Inc. Welcomes John Bison as the Company's New Irrigation Specialist

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA - Agricultural veteran John Bison is Hortau Inc.’s new Irrigation Specialist for Kern and Tulare counties.

John has been in agriculture sales for 15 years, the last ten having been with sales and field support at Extenday U.S.A. Inc. But it is Hortau that has ignited his passion, he tells me, seeing the difference the company can make for growers in an integral part of farming: Irrigation.

John Bison, Irrigation Specialist, Hortau, Inc. “Knowing that there is nothing else remotely close to what Hortau can do for a grower, and that we can make a difference for everyone makes me feel like I can make a difference for these guys,” John said, emphasizing that while his position is to create a wider customer base, he develops relationships with the growers and is excited to be with a company that he feels can make a fundamental improvement.

“[Hortau is] really changing the game,” John tells me, commenting that most of those using the company’s soil tension monitoring system, which measures the amount of water the crop’s roots are getting and how hard they are working to do so down to the minute, have changed their way of watering. 

When I ask what his favorite part of Hortau, Inc. is, John doesn’t hesitate.

“Really knowing that I'm out there helping and seeing the results I see has been the most rewarding part,” he said. “To know we are doing everything we can to maximize water to the fullest and save every drop we can, and to know I’m really helping these guys.”

John officially joined the team the first week of March, but already he feels from the combination of the team itself and the goals of the company are what his career has built up to.

“We are doing our part to improve irrigation to the best it can be,” John tells me. 

Now that technology has caught up with the company’s endeavors to improve irrigation, and all the exciting developments it has in store, John is excited to be a part of Hortau, Inc. as it brings an alternate approach to irrigation.

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