Ippolito International's Katie Dozier Details Tight Brussels Sprouts Market

Ippolito International's Katie Dozier Details Tight Brussels Sprouts Market

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SALINAS, CA - The green of spring reminds me of the produce aisle. You have your wet veg, succulent fruits, and packaged produce lining the shelves, but I’m making a bee-line to the Brussels sprouts. Whether it’s bagged, on the stalk, or let loose and free, these tiny heads of nutrition always call my name—and I’m not the only shopper mesmerized by them, as Katie Dozier informs me of a tight market.

Katie Dozier, Brussels Sprout Sales and Commodity Manager, Ippolito International“Market pricing on the sprouts is in the $40 range and climbing, with all sizes in high demand,” Katie, Brussels Sprout Sales and Commodity Manager for Ippolito International, tells me about the state of the category. “Last year at this time, we were in a heavier position supply-wise and did not see this kind of market. Weather will play a determining factor in what we are able to offer our customers during these spring and summer months.”

As Katie puts it, unseasonably warm growing conditions during critical growth cycles in Mexico paired with labor constraints and quality issues have resulted in yield loss and lower availability than the grower is used to at this time of year. Thus, the market is currently very tight with limited availability.

Ippolito is still harvesting primarily out of Mexico and just getting started on its Oxnard, California, production. The recent Mexican heat wave slowed down plant growth, and the California weather and storms have also pushed back Oxnard production, which was supposed to start weeks ago.

Ippolito International has shared that market pricing on Brussels sprouts is in the $40 range and climbing, with all sizes in high demand

Though this is causing an industry-wide supply shortage for perhaps the next few months, the grower is fully expecting to meet customer demands.

“We expect to see markets continue to rise and demand stay strong during the summer months,” Katie continues. “Despite having a less-than-optimal supply, we remain committed to getting our customers the best quality available for their orders. We have been fortunate during these inflated times to still maintain the quality and integrity of the product our customers are accustomed to at Queen Victoria.”

Stick with us as we keep a read on the fresh produce line.

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