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LGS Specialty Sales Says 2019 Argentinian Lemon Season is Solid

LGS Specialty Sales Says 2019 Argentinian Lemon Season is Solid

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - LGS Specialty Sales (LGS) is thrilled to announce a satisfactory 2019 Argentinian lemon season!

Luke Sears, President & Founder, LGS Specialty Sales“We are proud to continue our lemon program in Argentina this year,” said Luke Sears, President and Founder. “We anticipate consumers and buyers alike to be thrilled with the quality, taste, and size of our Argentinian lemons.”

According to a press release, LGS has gotten a great response since debuting Darling Lemons® into the Darling Citrus product line in 2018 and increased demand from both retail and consumers. Being sold under the Darling label, this widens the options for in-season citrus.

Darling Lemons are available in 2 lb, 3 lb, and 5 lb bags, and are packed at peak freshness to deliver generous juice content as well as desired flavor to shoppers.

LGS has seen a great response to its Argentinian lemon program after introducing Darling Lemons in 2018

“The Argentina season will continue to show value to the U.S. market as California’s Coastal Region decreases production, resulting in higher prices of lemons,” said Sears. “It is our intention to provide Darling Lemons from Argentina during the summer months to help balance the supply of this fruit to U.S. consumers.”

Further, arriving the first week of July, Chilean Navels will have a bountiful supply to last through early fall.

For updates on the lemon season and anything fresh produce, keep checking back with AndNowUKnow.

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