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Limoneira Celebrates Earth Day with a Spotlight on Sustainability

Limoneira Celebrates Earth Day with a Spotlight on Sustainability

SANTA PAULA, CA - In honor of Earth Day, Limoneira is putting the spotlight on sustainable farming practices. The company believes that the earth is humanity’s most precious resources and with that in mind is doing all things possible to protect it while producing citrus fruit for a global consumer base.

Limoneira is proud to share the following highlights for itself and its sustainability efforts:

  • Limoneira is the largest-vertically integrated lemon supplier in the United States
  • More than just lemonsoranges, grapefruit, and other citrus varietals are also found on Limoneira’s orchards
  • Got guacamole? Limoneira is one of the largest avocado growers in the United States
  • Limoneira’s distribution routes are global, feeding hungry consumers worldwide
  • Limoneira has six solar installations across the company, located in Santa Paula, CA
  • These installations produce a total 4.2M KW annually
  • In doing so, they reduce 86,150 tons of CO2 over a 25-year period
  • An additional solar project is planned which will add 2.8M KWs for a total of 7M KW annually; these solar installations will allow Limoneira to operate 50 percent off grid
  • The company also stores energy–Limoneira uses a Tesla 400,000 KW Scalable Energy Storage System–which both reduces costs and improves reliability
  • 12-acre facility diverts green waste from landfills; resulting mulch reduces water, herbicide, and fertilizer use strengthens tree roots and gets more nutrients to trees
  • Limoneira water ponds uses patented technology that treats grey water to CA title 22 drinking standards
  • In tandem with solar energy, Limoneira is using a combination of other 21st century technologies such as drones and GPS-moisture monitoring to produce delicious crops as sustainably as possible
  • The company is a leader in providing Farm Worker Housing and uses drought friendly landscaping at these homes

According to a press release, Limoneira is working to build local sustainable communities. Currently, Limoneira is building a live-walk-work community named Harvest at Limoneira, which will include homes, a school, parks, and an athletic center, along with infrastructure and commercial space to support new jobs and investment opportunities for the community.

Find out more about Limoneira’s sustainability mission on its YouTube channel. To read the biographies of the global chefs and mixologists; nutritionists; and beauty, lifestyle, and green cleaning experts, who have partnered with Limoneira to share their knowledge with the customers of the company’s grocery and food service partners around the world, visit the Limoneira website. In addition, Limoneira’s YouTube and Instagram pages feature recipes, DIY cleaning, health tips, and citrus living ideas with Spokesperson and Healthy Grocery Girl Megan Roosevelt.

To stay in the know on all things citrus, visit the Limoneira platforms, and to stay in the know on the produce industry, keep reading AndNowUKnow.


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