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Limoneira Pairs It Up for the Holidays

Limoneira Pairs It Up for the Holidays

SANTA PAULA, CA – Everyone knows that lemons are a key recipe ingredient but….

Many people don’t know that each specialty lemon variety has a unique flavor profile that pairs with certain foods and beverages to create winning taste combinations.

Limoneira conducted a recent test market in a Southern California supermarket chain and learned that consumers were not familiar with specialty lemons. In the test, three lemon varieties – Meyers, Pinks, and Classics–were displayed side-by-side with signs highlighting flavor differences and recipe possibilities. The test was very successful and demonstrated that specialty lemons sales volumes increased from 20% to 40% of lemon sales, total lemon sales increased by 105% with no cannibalization, and cross promotional item sales increased by 150%.

With busy produce aisles full of shoppers looking for last-minute ingredients and party necessities, it’s easy to fall back on ho-hum holiday recipes. But this season, Limoneira is using learning from its test market to create something new. Limoneira plans to help retailers sweeten their lemon varieties and zest up produce category sales with its “Pairing Perfection for the Holidays” marketing campaign.

Difficult to grow and in limited supply, Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin, and are a favorite amongst chefs for their slightly sweet, delicate flavor.

For the November, December, and January months, Limoneira is offering retailers special Meyer lemons stand-up pouches with on-bag merchandising and in-bag inserts, including delicious lemon-inspired recipes to try every month, celebrating each month’s unique holiday. Limoneira is also hosting monthly contest giveaways for shoppers to Pair-adise (Hawaii), Pair- ‘is (Paris), and Pair-a-Dice (Las Vegas).

Megan Roosevelt, Healthy Grocery-Girl and Limoneira Spokesperson“In-store merchandising and robust social media marketing to geo-targeted shoppers will help build awareness and sales of Limoneira Meyer Specialty Lemons,” said Healthy Grocery-Girl and Limoneira spokesperson Megan Roosevelt in a recent video. “Colorful graphics on the bags, in-bag recipes, lemon pairing information, and contest details will help inspire and excite your shoppers to eat healthier.”

Each month, Limoneira offers recipes starring the Meyer lemons sweetness that are sure to be a party for shoppers’ flavor palates.

In November, shoppers can try dishes perfect for any Thanksgiving table or autumn night in, like:

  • Roasted Garlic & Meyer Lemon-Rubbed Turkey
  • Celery Root Stuffing with Roasted Meyer Lemon
  • Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Turkey with Wilted Escarole
  • Meyer Lemon Cake
  • Rustic Meyer Lemon Tarte

In December, shoppers can get new ideas for dishes to bring to holiday parties, trying their hand at recipes like:

  • Lemon Ginger Tea Infused Madeleines
  • Meyer Lemon Mincemeat Pie Filling
  • Meyer Lemon Candied Lemon Peel
  • Butternut Squash Rose Tart with Meyer Lemon Roast Potatoes

In January, shoppers can start off the new year right by getting a jump on their resolutions with healthy recipes like:

  • Meyer Lemon Tuscan Kale New Year’s Potato Salad
  • Lemon-Cured Sardine Crostini with Ricotta and Fennel
  • Falafel Bites with Lemon Twist Hummus
  • Lemon Grilled Chicken, burst Tomato and Artichoke Skewers with Goat cheese dip

Megan also notes that Limoneira is ready to work with retailers’ in-house graphic teams or agencies to create customizable graphics or webpages uniquely crafted just for your store.


Stay tuned for Limoneira’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter updates for more “Meyer Magic for the Holidays” information and contest details, and don’t forget to visit Limoneira at booth #1905 at PMA Fresh Summit this week.

And if you liked Meyer lemons, keep your eyes peeled for Limoneira’s Lemon Trifecta making a big splash nationwide as pink lemons sprout this spring.

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