Limoneira's John Chamberlain Talks Value-Added Services for Retail and Foodservice Partners

Limoneira's John Chamberlain Talks Value-Added Services for Retail and Foodservice Partners

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SANTA PAULA, CA - Closing in on the last months of 2016 does not mean the close for Limoneira’s Lemons for Life™, and recently added Fresh Citrus for Life™, programs. The company continues to offer complimentary and value-added campaigns to its retail and foodservice partners to enhance any and all of those produce pushes they have in store.

John Chamberlain, Director of Marketing, Limoneira

"We can tailor messaging and work with your marketing teams, even extend your messaging, as well as connect you to the million consumers in our database, all complimentary," John Chamberlain, Director of Marketing, tells me.

With fall and winter approaching, and with them a season of promotional opportunities kicking off with the current back-to-school push, this offering includes the following services:

  • Promotional videos for your shoppers
  • One million consumers geographically dispersed in partner shopping and dining footprints
  • Global Opinion leaders in Health, Beauty, Culinary, Green Cleaning
  • Robust social marketing
  • In-store merchandising

And, not to mention, the reach of Limoneira Spokesperson and Healthy Grocery Girl® Founder Megan Roosevelt, bringing with her a national blogger network and additional seasonally-tailored videos like the one below. 

"We have all the editorial content written up for the months in advance, in-store merchandising, Megan’s following, and much more. All our partners in grocery and foodservice need to do is let us know how we can help them," John says, emphasizing that all this is tailored to each individual partner’s plans and needs. "If you have a promotion, we can use our consumer database to give it an extra push."

To find out more about planning out your calendar with Lemons for Life™ and Fresh Citrus for LIfe™ for 2016 and calendar year 2017 go here.


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