Litehouse's Kate Nees Details Dip Portfolio Growth

Litehouse's Kate Nees Details Dip Portfolio Growth

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SANDPOINT, ID - Litehouse is knocking on the doors of its retail neighbors, as several new dip and spread flavors are hitting the cold case. These products not only have bolder flavors, better taste, and cleaner ingredient panels, but the packaging has also been updated to 12 oz tubs with more impactful graphics that pop on-shelf and convey their versatility.

Kate Nees, Brand Manager, Litehouse“With flavors like Homestyle Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Spinach Parmesan, Dilly Dip, and Southwest Ranch, there is a flavor for every dip-worthy occasion,” said Kate Nees, Brand Manager. “These delicious dips aren't just for snacking on veggies anymore—dip your pitas, wings, and pizzas or spread on crackers, wraps, and sandwiches to elevate your everyday meals.”

These new dips complement Litehouse's diverse lineup by bringing the delicious taste consumers expect from its dressings into dips and spreads, with increased versatility for a number of eating occasions.

“While it is no surprise these dips are packed with flavor, their versatility is part of what makes them such a great addition to our product lineup. They are perfect with traditional vegetables but also ideal for many different dipping and spreading occasions, not just big celebrations,” Kate noted. “Plus, the new 12 oz container makes it even easier to have dip on hand.”

Litehouse is bringing a whole host of changes to the cold case, unveiling a new format to make its products pop on-shelf and fresh dip and spread flavors to meet trending demands

Litehouse’s research and development team created these mouthwatering, flavor-packed dips based on strong sales and consumer response to its 13 oz dressing flavors, such as Avocado Ranch and Southwest Ranch, and flavor trends in the market.

“According to a 2021 Ibotta Insights survey, consumers want sour cream and creamy-based dips to be very flavorful, and 69 percent of consumers use sour cream-based and creamy-based dips as snacks,” Kate added. “Combining these insights with our dressing sales data led us to develop thick and flavor-forward, creamy-based dips in several popular flavors.”

Litehouse-brand Veggie Dips continue to drive demand in the category, as Kate explained. Sales increased 28 percent over the last six months, compared to a growth rate of just two percent for the rest of the creamy veggie dips category. Litehouse has also seen an increase in velocity, total points of distribution, and household penetration.

“Dips with a focus on entertaining and special events took a hit in 2020/2021 due to the emergence of the pandemic. However, the dip category is building back and is expected to see continued growth in consumer usage over the course of 2022,” Kate told me.

The new dips complement Litehouse's diverse lineup as there is a heightened consumer focus on entertaining and special events

With these new dip flavors, Litehouse aims to continue driving demand in the category. The company is focused on developing products with quality ingredients and flavors that range from classics shoppers know and love, like Homestyle Ranch, to bold and new trending flavors, like Southwest Ranch.

“When it comes to innovation, we always start with consumer insights; the information we gather drives our development roadmap. Based on recent insights, our innovations have shifted toward products that have nutritional density, are inclusive of the whole family experience, and provide versatility. From tasty ways to get more veggies, vitamins, and minerals into people’s diets, to healthy snacks the entire family can enjoy, we are excited to provide our consumers with more fun and exciting innovations.”

Retailers, Litehouse dips are at your doorstep. All you must do is merchandise to your delight and the sales will come flowing.


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