LIV Organic's Anthony Innocenti Discusses Current Retail Programs

LIV Organic's Anthony Innocenti Discusses Current Retail Programs

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA - If you want to showcase a premium product in produce departments, you must find a premium partner. This is what the team behind LIV Organic, a grower partnership that began in early 2018, brings to the table. Highlighting some of the greatest organic fruits and veggies in the West, the company is currently promoting organic onions, potatoes, hard squash, and citrus to elevate retail promotions and merchandising and increase the ring at the register.

Anthony Innocenti, Managing Partner, LIV Organic“With a home base in California, the summers are a major seasonal push for LIV, and we align with our retail partners to make the opportunities endless,” Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder, told me. “Our key promotional items will be new crop California-grown organic and conventional watermelons, bell peppers, and onions. These are all grown by our partners and family farms—true stewards of the land and individuals with vision.”

As we head into July, Anthony shared with me that LIV has some of the most flavorful organic heirloom tomatoes in the biz. Starting the week of July, these California-grown beauties will be available in bulk and clamshell.

Organic heirloom tomatoes will be available in bulk and clamshells starting in July

I also asked Anthony why merchandising is such an essential part of getting items like these heirloom tomatoes into shoppers’ baskets.

“We have such an authentic story to tell—with the families and multi-generational farming operations, people genuinely want to hear their story, so we merchandise with these ideas in mind while allowing the quality of story come through the fruit itself,” he said.

Since its founding, LIV Organic has experienced outstanding growth and expansion, something the LIV team attributes to collaboration.

Since its founding, LIV Organic has experienced outstanding growth and expansion

“The success is really due to the start, where our collaborative crop planning immediately brought our growers sustainable programs, resulting in higher and more predictable returns,” he shared. “Getting these initial pieces in place and strategically adding new items was always the idea, and we’re seeing it at work!

With a 52-week supply across all of its categories and nationwide distribution, it’s little wonder the company is seeing this level of success.

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