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Loblaws Plans to Enhance Tech Processes

Loblaws Plans to Enhance Tech Processes

BRAMPTON, CANADA - In retail, it's not enough to do something great and then rest on your laurels. To take your place as one of the "Big Dogs," constant innovation must be a top priority. One of Canada's Biggest Dogs, Loblaws, is doing just that—pushing ahead with its growth plan that includes its valuable PC Express service.

Sarah Davis, President, Loblaw Companies Limited“We continue to enhance PC Express processes like our picking app designed to increase efficiency, accuracy, and job satisfaction of our in-store team,” Sarah Davis, President, said in a recent earnings call. “We are now building an in-store automated picking area that turns 12,000 square feet of less productive space into a high-tech order fulfillment area dedicated to PC Express orders.”

The retailer will reportedly partner with Takeoff Technologies to funnel online grocery orders through the automated warehouse, according to news source mobile syrup. The pilot will make picking up high-velocity items automated, helping Loblaws’ in-store staff fill more orders faster and more efficiently.

Loblaws is pushing ahead with its growth plan, which includes expanding its innovative PC Express service

PC Express is aimed at in-store pickup, but the retailer continues to test out other uses. Loblaws recently unveiled a new PC Express pickup point in an urban Toronto building, Davis said in the call, a space where the retailer can offer consumers a full grocery store. The new innovations have elicited a stronger-than-expected consumer response.

Western Canada is the region where Loblaws has the highest penetration of PC Express, and so it has invested in renovations for seven of its PC Express locations to expand for the amount of volume. The retailer is also toying with the idea of having an automated picking facilities in one of its stores.

What other innovations does Loblaws have up its sleeve? You can find the full transcript of the call here. And keep reading AndNowUKnow for updates.