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Mazzei-Franconi Preps for Potato Harvest

Mazzei-Franconi Preps for Potato Harvest

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Potatoes continue to be a driving category in produce aisles. So much so, industry leaders like Mazzei-Franconi are doubling down to keep pace with demand. With production ramping up, I tapped John Clerou with Mazze-Franconi to gauge how the grower is preparing for the season.

John Clerou, Mazzei-Franconi“The market for colored potatoes is pretty strong right now. Most of the storage areas are winding down or finished with their colored potatoes due to the increased retail demand in March and April,” John tells me. “Currently, we are harvesting our new crop of red, yellow, and white potatoes with Johnston Farms in Edison, California.”

Typically, the California potato crop would overlap with storage region productions to start. However, the other growing regions will be finishing up with their colored potatoes earlier and it will provide a seamless transition for Mazzei-Franconi’s new crop potatoes. Thankfully, weather has produced favorable growing conditions, leading to great quality and increased volumes over last season.

With the market for colored potatoes strong at the moment, Mazzei-Franconi is harvesting its new crop of red, yellow, and white potatoes with Johnston Farms in Edison, California

“We’re excited to see consistent volume on all three colors this season, with peak volume coming around the first of June,” John continues. “California has some of the earliest new crops of colored potatoes, and there is a demand for fresh red and yellow varieties right now.”

Due to changing consumer habits, Mazzei-Franconi has seen increased demand for its 5- and 10-lb consumer bags. The grower also provides 50-lb cartons, totes, and consumer packs for retail.

With retailers soon to receive a critical category power boost, AndNowUKnow will continue reporting on the latest in our industry.


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