Measure to Improve Celebrates 10 Years; Nikki Cossio Reflects

Measure to Improve Celebrates 10 Years; Nikki Cossio Reflects

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SALINAS, CA - In a recent blog post celebrating the ten-year anniversary of Measure to Improve (MTI), Chief Executive Officer and Founder Nikki Cossio reflected on how MTI got its start and where it’s headed.

In 2014, Cossio created Measure to Improve with the express goal of shaping a sustainable fresh produce industry that is resilient, healthy, collaborative, and prosperous.

Nikki Cossio, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Measure to Improve

“When I first started thinking about the business concept for Measure to Improve, sustainability was a relatively niche concept in the fresh produce industry. However, from my experience founding and leading sustainability programs at my family’s business, Gills Onions and Rio Farms, I knew this could evolve into something bigger. I could see the immense potential of sustainability for the industry,” Nikki writes.

When she first started MTI, the focus was on building awareness and support for sustainability programs. As the company grew, so did the attention to sustainability.

Measure to Improve began in 2014 after Nikki Cossio saw the need to advocate for sustainability throughout the fresh produce industry

“Today, the landscape of sustainability in produce is quite different. It’s less about generating awareness and selling the value proposition of sustainability, because it’s now seen as an inherent part of doing business. Sustainability is discussed at every level of an organization and has become a core driver of business decisions,” Nikki shares. “Today, Measure to Improve works with our clients to advance their existing sustainability programs, build capacity, and prepare for what’s next in sustainability.”

Over the years, Nikki has created a team of passionate experts who guide clients through every stage of their sustainability journey.

With ten years of success in the rearview, Measure to Improve looks forward to putting its expertise to use in the fight for sustainability

As MTI looks ahead, Nikki reflects on what’s to come.

“The fresh produce industry is poised for significant growth and innovation, and sustainability is a catalyst for that. Trends like regenerative agriculture, data-driven decision-making, and consumer-driven demands for eco-conscious practices are taking center stage,” she observes. “Measure to Improve was ahead of the sustainability curve when we launched in 2014. Because of that we now have 10 years of experience and a proven track record of working on sustainability in the fresh produce industry. Now, more than ever, we are positioned to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and continue empowering our clients and the industry towards a sustainable future.”

Congratulations to MTI on this milestone! We can’t wait to see what’s next for sustainability in our industry.

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