Melissa's Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

Melissa's Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

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ATLANTA GA - No matter how many members of the industry told me “just wait until you see the Fresh Summit,” I was still shocked by the sheer size of the show when I first saw the floor. While there were so many products being prepared, showcased, and offered, a few stood out in this memorable marker of my first experience at the PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo.

SunFed - Melonheads

When we first got wind of Melon Heads being introduced at Fresh Summit, I had to visit SunFed’s booth to check them out. After all, one thing that catches the eye on a produce package is a fun mascott and a catchy name. Plus, not only are these seedless watermelons available both in conventional and organic, but packaged in a pair that are easy for consumers to pick out when shopping.

Lipman - Zucchini Packs

Something about Lipman’s zucchini packaging, and its Grown True line in general, is that it is both eye-catching and still conveys a message of sustainability, and fresh zucchinis being cleanly packaged is a refreshing site. Overall, this is something that stood out to me among over a thousand booths in tens of rows, so why wouldn’t it stand out in the aisle of a grocery store?

Classic Salads - Kalettes

As I said before, there is nothing like a catchy name or mascot to spice up a produce package, and Classic Salads’ Kalettes and Supermix feature of a leafy runner that definitely catches attention while getting the “super food” message across.

A blend of the produce underdog-turned-champion kale and the continually up-trending Brussels sprouts for an extra kick in nutrients, these products are organically grown, making it a well-rounded composition of everything consumers are looking for these days.

Pero Family Farms - Sweet Pepper Rings


Sweet peppers are fascinating by flavor alone, and are a snacking item that is catching on quickly. This item, to me, offers the next step in convenience. Already chopped into rings, this can easily be poured onto a salad without my having to grab a knife, or just brought along in the car to munch on!

Little Potato Company - Grill and Microwave Ready Potato Packs

I think we can agree that if there is anything that catches a consumer wave, it’s convenient preparation. The Little Potato Company’s latest offerings have the magic word “ready,” meaning less work in the kitchen with both the same flavor, and same benefits of a home-cooked meal.

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